Women's Jewelery and Accessories Jean André Bijoux

When a business takes the name of its owners, it means that they want to infuse that business with the heart and soul of those people.

Jean André Firenze unites the heart and soul of Giovanna and Andrea under a single banner, adding to their names that of the city in which this artisanal jewelery shop specializing in the creation of refined women's jewelery and accessories operates.

Two souls united by a common vision. Giovanna is the artistic director, the mind of Jean André Firenze. She invents, designs, assembles. Andrea is the director of production, the arm of Jean André Firenze.

What Giovanna imagines, he makes tangible. With uniqueness.

Each jewel is a unique piece

Each of our jewels is made with women in mind, their uniqueness and delicacy.

Our uniqueness, the uniqueness that every woman possesses and which inspires our work, comes from emotions. It is the emotions that design our jewels, they are the emotions that guide the hand of those who make them.

It is the emotions themselves that take shape in four collections with different materials, tones and colours, suitable for every moment of the day and for every style.

Different jewels, in each of which a fragment of the light echoes Franca and Ferdinando.


Bijoux, a family tradition

The story of the birth of the Jean André Firenza brand


Jean André Firenze was born in 1976 by Franca and Ferdinando, a couple of dreamers who with a lot of sacrifice and dedication managed to open an artisan jewelery shop to which they gave the name of their two children.


Dreamers can be hindered by Destiny, they can even be stopped, but their dreams will continue to walk on the legs of those who inherited their vision. This is what happens in 1983, when Giovanna and Andrea are suddenly orphaned and abandon their studies to carry on their parents' dream.


The sale to large wholesalers and chain stores around the world is the first breath that begins to fly the flag of Made in Italy excellence branded Jean André Firenze abroad. After having consolidated relationships with Japanese importers, expansion is unstoppable also thanks to numerous international exhibitions, from Paris to Palma de Mallorca.


In 1992, Jean André Firenze opened the first space inside La Rinascente in Milan and, subsequently, in all the other Italian branches. Our jewels are distributed within Coin stores until they land on the shelves of the prestigious Saks Fifth Avenue stores in New York.


In 2008, Jean André Firenze decided not to betray the artisan ethics of Franca and Ferdinando and not to give up quality in favor of image; the collaboration with La Rinascente was interrupted due to a diversity of objectives achieved. By becoming a third-party manufacturer of women's jewelery and accessories for the best fashion houses in the world, the company continues to keep the original spirit of its artistic and creative vision pure.


In 2020 Jean André Firenze decides to give new life to his brand, JA Firenze, and open up directly to his public. Thanks to today's powerful digital tools, Giovanna and Andrea can finally welcome you into their artisan workshop. A real luxury online jewelry store. As Franca and Ferdinando would have wanted.

An online jewelry store that does not give up being artisanal

We opened our site not to advertise products, not to display objects. This site is the showcase of a choral, familiar soul. It is the tangible manifestation of a passion. Our goal is that the commitment, the warmth and the emotions of a family that poured body and soul into a dream, into an artistic necessity, reach you. It's not a shop, it is a family album in which the objects are photographs of our memories, our emotions, our hopes.

All our creations are born in Florence, the heart of the goldsmith's art and jewellery. Our works are made by hands whitened with dust, among the thousand scents of the materials, to the musical rhythm of the tools that fill the air while forging unique pieces.

Every object, even the most modern, is a whisper that the founders of the shop continue to blow into the ears of the new generations through the hands of their children. This is the History of a family craftsmanship that has been following its path for 40 years without giving in to compromises. A road of emotions. Solid emotions in which there is always a reflection of Franca and Ferdinando, think of it #ForDonneComeTe.