Regali di San Valentino: 4 gioielli (+1) per il giorno dell’amore

Valentine's Day gifts: 4 jewels (+1) for the day of love

Valentine's Day gifts are now part of our tradition, a habit that returns regularly every February 14th.

How long the origin of Valentine's Day, the celebration of lovers, does not have a certain location, it seems certain that it dates back to before Ancient Rome, when they were celebrated between 13 and 15 February i Lupercalia. It was then Pope Gelasius I established the holiday as we know it today in honor of Saint Valentine, protector of lovers.

Tradition dictates that to celebrate Valentine's Day, lovers exchange "valentines", or love notes often accompanied by boxes of chocolates, bouquets of flowers or jewels.

What to give as a gift though? Whether it's a love ready to blossom or a bond that has lasted for years, the jewel chosen must not be too demanding or too simple.

In today's article you will find the perfect gift ideas for Valentine's Day. 4 lines of jewelry Jean André Firenze (+1 bonus) to celebrate the day of love with those you love.

What better way than this to (re)ignite the flames of passion?

1) Crystals Collection – Camille

Regali di San Valentino 01

The camellia is the oldest plant in Japan, there are many different types and it is easy to grow, but for it to grow in a healthy and floriferous way, it must be cared for.

Furthermore the camellia tends to develop buds already in mid-winter, like a small warm heart in a frozen expanse.

In the language of flowers, the camellia indicates eternal devotion between lovers.

The Camille JA line it is inspired precisely by this flower. Using a minimal, but luminous sphere of precious crystals these jewels exalt the purity of a soapy beauty and an endless love.

A jewel that cannot be missed among Valentine's Day gifts.

2) 18k Gold Collection – Arianna

Regali di San Valentino 02

Describing love is not easy and we all agree on this.

Great poets and writers have attempted this undertaking, often failing. However, everyone agrees that this is the strongest of bonds, like an invisible thread that binds us to another person without whom we feel lost.

Ariadne's thread is the most famous in history.

The young girl gave it to her beloved, Theseus, to ensure that he did not lose his way inside the labyrinth of the Minotaur.

The elegant jewels of linea Arianna JA, inspired by this myth, are composed of precious 18k gold-plated brass wires.

The ideal choice to wear when we feel lost in the labyrinth of daily monotony and we need a nice thought that takes us home.

3) Pearls – Amber Collection

Regali di San Valentino 03Until now we have seen very simple lines of jewellery, albeit precious and elegant. True love, however, is eternal.

Wanting to give a more demanding jewel for Valentine's Day, Jean André Firenze's pearls are the collection to look towards.

Imagine leaving a package on the bedside table for your loved one, she opens it and finds one of our pearl jewels with an invitation to an elegant dinner next to it. The perfect way to start your Valentine's Day.

The Ambra JA line it is the most suitable of the collection. These jewels give a refined touch to even the simplest look thanks to the bronzed or golden shades of the pearls and crystals that compose them.

For a love that has no age and no time.

4) Pietre Dure Collection – Anastasia

Regali di San Valentino 04Moving in the opposite direction, maybe for Valentine's Day you want to give a jewel that isn't too demanding. You don't want your loved one to feel uncomfortable or perhaps the cost to overshadow your feelings.

According to legend, to escape from the Bolsheviks, the Grand Duchess Anastasia, last of the Tsars, changed her identity by pretending to be a simple commoner. Changing your habits, however, is not as simple.

Every woman has the heart of a princess inside her.

La linea Anastasia JA, with its elegance and versatility, is the perfect choice for those who want to appear without exaggerating.

A composition in various black, white and red resins that it wouldn't have disfigured the real Anastasia.

(Bonus) Crystal Collection – Venus

Regali di San Valentino 05

We conclude our list of gift ideas for Valentine's Day, with a truly special last line.

Jean André Firenze has in fact produced a Capsule Collection designed specifically to celebrate the day of love.

The Venere JA line It has the typical shape of traditional Valentines it is dedicated to romantic people who want to give a timeless classic to those they love.

Elegant, precious and bright, these heart-shaped jewelry, made with numerous sparkling crystals, are never alone because love is not selfish, it is sharing.

People in love are inseparable and so are these sparkling compositions.

Give a gift for Valentine's Day one of our jewels of hearts in love! It's time to seize the moment and give your heart to those you love.

Have we inspired you? Have you found the ideal gift for Valentine's Day?

You must know that all our products are created in Florence, the heart of the goldsmith's art and jewellery, and which are made by hands whitened with dust, among the thousand scents of the materials and to the musical rhythm of the tools that fill the air.

Our jewels are permeated with our passion, they are not simple Valentine's gifts, but unique pieces that represent the soul of Jean André Firenze, an online bijoux jewelry store that does not give up on being artisanal.

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