Moda Primavera Estate 2022: gioielli artigianali e armocromia

Spring Summer 2022 Fashion: handcrafted jewelery and color harmony

Summer has finally arrived this year too!

A new season means new fashion trends.


To introduce yourself our new Spring Summer 2022 collection, we decided to do something different than usual, collaborating with an armocromia expert to invent #Gioiellocromia!

Color harmony is an artistic discipline which allows, through an in-depth study, to identify the shades capable of enhancing the style.

For the armochromia each person belongs to a specific season based on skin tone, hair color and eye color. They are then determined based on the season the colors capable of making you stand out in harmony.

This study is not only valid for clothing, but also for women's accessories and this is precisely what it is based on the #Gioiellocromia by Jean André Firenze.

First of all you have to make a difference between the color scheme seasons and the actual ones.

Being a winter woman doesn't mean you can't wear summer jewelry, just pay attention to color combinations.

In this article we will show you four lines of Jean André Firenze jewelry perfect for wearing in summer, one for each type of woman season.

Whether you are a spring or winter woman, you will be able to pass a perfect summer in armocromia.

1) Spring Summer 2022 Fashion – Crystals: Era

Armocromia Palette: Autumn

linea era per donna autunno

Autumn women are characterized by warm and enveloping shades and they go together with the colors that we can find in a tree-lined avenue with yellow, red and orange foliage or in a collection of spices.

This palette is very heterogeneous and can have dark, blond or red hair, in addition to brown. It is the warm undertone of the complexion that acts as a link with soft autumnal tones.

These shades don't go very well with summer, but they are there many subgroups of the autumn woman who also prefer more intense colors such as purple, forest green, bright red or wine.

Colors much more suitable for expressing the lightness and festive air typical of summer.

Our choice is therefore immediate: the Era line by Jean André Firenze! These sensual jewels made of Swarovski crystals are the best to match this type of season.

And it will with more elegant colors, with golden or white crystals, to the more summery and casual selections, with coral or opal shades, passing through more delicate solutions like those in purple or pink shades.

2) Spring Summer 2022 Fashion – Crystals: Margot

Armocromia Palette: Winter

linea margot per donna inverno

Winter women are characterized by cold and intense tones that favor contrast and intensity. The classic black/white, but also raspberry red, emerald green and cherry are good color choices.

This is the most widespread palette in Italy and the Mediterranean basin. It includes both olive-skinned women with black hair and those with lighter skin and gem-like eyes.

Logic might lead one to think that winter and summer women don't get along very well, but in armocromia the opposite is true. The contrasts and intense colors required by this palette go perfectly with summer trends, opening up to a great variety of fresh and colorful solutions.

Among the many lines available, we want to advise you with a disturbing and passionate choice, ideal for heating the environment: the Margot line by Jean Andrè Firenze.

These gold jewels hide sparkling Swarovski crystals, a bit like your elegance hides your ardor. Ideal for letting loose at a summer party, when almost everything is allowed to us.

3) Spring Summer 2022 Fashion – Pietre Dure: Flora

Armocromia Palette: Spring

linea flora per donna primavera

Spring women are characterized by a radiant complexion which therefore holds up to strong, bright colors very well. Peach, coral, red, orange and any other warm, bright color.

Another feature of this palette is that of being the most varied of the four in terms of colors and combinations, drawing liberally from the tones of spring nature.

Even if the flower season par excellence has just passed, summer remains very linked to the vivid colors of flowering. Indeed, the bright tones and the boldest patterns are found in the bright and sunny summer their maximum expression.

The Flora line by Jean Andrè Firenze it is made up of colored and colorful semiprecious stone jewels.

If you want to express the energy of being a woman, spring and you want to live a life without being afraid to dare, then these are the jewels for you.

4) Spring Summer 2022 Fashion – Pietre Dure: Elettra

Palette Armocromia: Estate

linea elettra per donna estate

The word summer makes us think of something hot, but in reality, pFor color harmony, summer women are "cold" and have very light and pink skin with blonde, light brown hair or in any case tending towards these shades.

Bright pastel colours, raspberry pink, sky blue or emerald green they are all optimal choices for the summer woman.

Jewels with warm colors and contrasts they are perfect for the summer woman, but pay attention to your clothing which must dampen the liveliness of the jewel in order not to obtain a final result that is too bright.

Lhe Elettra line by Jean André Florence, especially in the fuchsia variant, is the ideal choice. These semiprecious stone jewels embody colour, energy and unscrupulousness.

And if you match it white or pastel clothing, then you will be able to bring out the summer woman in you.

In conclusion these are just some general tips, one for each season. They cannot replace real armochromatic consultancy.

It's up to you to best define your style and if you find yourself in difficulty, you can always turn to an expert.

Guard all the news from our Spring Summer 2022 collection and be inspired to live your summer in armocromia.

All our products are born in Florence, heart of goldsmith art and jewellery, and are made by hands whitened with dust, among the thousand scents of the materials and the musical rhythm of the tools that fill the air.

Our jewels are imbued with our passion, are unique pieces that represent the soul of Jean André Firenze, an online jewelry store that does not give up on being artisanal.

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