Come nascono i gioielli artigianali Jean André Firenze

How Jean André Firenze artisanal jewels are born

Have you ever wondered what makes our handcrafted jewelery pieces so unique and special? We find out today in this article.

When we opened ours online jewelry store, we promised ourselves to use this channel to offer to our readers an experience as similar as possible to a real visit inside a Florentine artisan workshop.

Women's jewelery and accessories for us they are not simple objects to display, they contain the soul and spirit of family Jean André.

This site is not just our shop, it is also a family album where the jewels are the photographs of our memories, our emotions and our hopes.

But how is it possible to convey all this?

How do we make a “simple” jewel count a fragment of who we are and become a unique and special part of our artistic and family tradition?

With today's article you will be able to find out, because we will take you to see exactly how our handcrafted jewels are born!

Making handcrafted jewelry is like writing a song

You might think that the making of handcrafted jewelry is something structured and mechanical, but the reality is very different.

Making jewelry is an art and, like all forms of art, it cannot be commanded, but follows the whims of inspiration.

During the creation of the Jean André Firenze sample collection, Giovanna goes to Paris, Milan and other fashion nerve centres to study all the current trends. From here the ideas are born which are then presented in the company.

At this point we visit trusted Italian suppliers to choose the materials and colors for our jewelry, letting this availability also influence our imagination.

The next step is to all sit around a table and let our ideas flow from mind to hands, trying to design a jewel that reflects what our imagination had visualized. This creative moment is totally dedicated to the woman who will dress our jewel; the attention is on her complexion, the color of her eyes, the shades of her hair and also her make up

The creative process is anything but linear. Sometimes you can go for weeks without being able to create anything… only to find yourself creating 20 different jewelery designs in a single morning!

Andrea is therefore responsible sample creation:

Once completed, this is sent to the gilding department and finally subjected to a final qualitative/creative test. If this too is overcome, the sample goes into production.

This is managed by the expert hands of Silvia and our craftsmen, now veterans and custodians of every secret of the jewelery world.

They are the ones who make every single jewel by hand Jean André Firenze, with the supervision of Giovanna and Andrea.

I Materials
The Foundations of every Artisan Jewellery

They are the materials that almost define the essence and quality of a jewel.

Like the attention to detail and a strong manual component, the attention and time spent in selecting the materials of our products make the difference between an industrial jewelry store and an artisan workshop.

Unfortunately, many jewels on the market present such poor gilding that the benefits are completely lost after just a few weeks.

Not to mention the presence of nickel, lead residues or other non-compliant components, sadly typical of low-cost costume jewellery.

At Jean André we spare no resources to ensure the highest quality of materialsThis is why we use the most advanced (and expensive) gilding techniques on the market and we certify our products as nickel free and in complete compliance with normative europee REACH.

However, our passion is not limited to ensuring that our jewels are in order, but it also affects the quality of the materials chosen for production, preferring a provenance Made In Italy.

Basically we choose only the best of the best, come:

  • Murano glass
  • refined resins
  • Italian semiprecious stones
  • Swarovsky precious crystals

In this regard, there are not many companies in the world that can boast a license to use the cristalli Swarovsky It is Jean André Firenze it is among them.

We conclude here for today the guided tour of our online jewelry store, hoping to have helped you in part breathe our world and our tradition.

Obviously this is it just a little taste and we hope to continue to open the virtual doors of our artisan workshop to lead you to discover this fascinating sector.

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All our products are born in Florence, heart of the goldsmith's art and jewellery, and are made by hands whitened with dust, among the thousand scents of the materials and to the musical rhythm of the tools that fill the air.

Our jewels are permeated with our passion, they are unique pieces that represent the soul of Jean André Firenzean online jewelry store that does not give up being artisanal.

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